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Are you needing a greater sense of peace and restoration?
Check out these Free Guided Box Breathing YouTube Videos, designed to cleanse the body, ease the mind and calm the nervous system. These breathing journeys include 528 Hz & 432 Hz frequency background soundscapes to assist with inner harmony and cell repair. Your breath will be also guided along using one of my Digital Designs. Click on the link to learn more about these Reuche Seed designs.


Own this series for offline listening from my Bandcamp shop.

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Rejuvenate your cells to their Pristine Origins
Listen to 528Hz healing frequencies with 1.05Hz Binaural Beats to support body healing and cell rejuvenation. These frequencies are beautifully sustained throughout the entire track.
This 1hr long journey takes you from one natural element to the other every 15 minutes. Starting with ocean waves, fire, a gentle jungle nightscape, and finally springtime bird songs.
Use this as a sound guide when working or meditating. You will know how much time has elapsed based on the soundscape you are hearing. This soundbath can also be used by body workers/ massage therapists as a guideline to let them know how much time is remaining without having to look at a clock.


Free to listen on YouTube or own for offline listening.


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It has been a joy to create designs which serve as catalysts for expanded awareness.

They can be viewed and purchased at Redbubble


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This is a collection of my nature and adventure photos.

This book can be viewed and purchased as a PDF or softcover at Blurb


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