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"What we believe to be possible defines what we are capable of creating."

Nassim Haramein


| Fascia Remodeling Therapy

This manual therapy method manipulates the fascia and activates the body's own inherit ability to heal. This method remodels the tissue by engaging the mechano-receptors of the cells and guiding the dysfunctional fibers to regenerate tissues and restore healthy movement patterns. This method helps relieve nerve, blood vessel and lymphatic restrictions. 

Scar Tissue related dysfunctions benefit greatly from this work.

Aesthetic benefits noted in clients include scar reduction, scalp hair regrowth, height restoration, wrinkle reduction and cellulite reduction.

Duration | 1 -2 hours


| Fascia Self-Remodeling Training

Learn how to manipulate fascia and set yourself up for long-term relief.

This is a simplified form of the Fascia Remodeling Therapy,  allowing you to apply it on yourself on your own time. This training provides safe and effective techniques right at your fingertips.

We will focus on how to apply specific sequences of engagement to address various issues such as neck, shoulder and knee pain, or even headaches and tight hips. These sequences are tailored to your needs.

~Couples/Partner offerings available. Each person selects 2-3 areas needing relief and receives step by step guidance to help give your partner relief.

This service can also be offered Online.

Duration | 30 minutes - 1 hour


| Movement Repatterning Training

Learn how to move in a safer way that is easeful and makes you stronger.

This is a movement program that helps you move functionally, based on the principles of biotensegrity. Optimize the body's ability to distribute force with greater ease. This is a great way to develop your Kinetic Intelligence.

Duration | 30 minutes - 1 hour


| Full Body Reset

A custom program tailored to your body's unique needs. This comprehensive program includes:
Fascia Remodeling Therapy

~ Fascia Self-Remodeling Training

~ Movement Repatterning Training

This is truly a full body reset, setting you up with the necessary skills to keep the momentum going well beyond the program.

Experience broad-spectrum results, and create an entirely new relationship with yourself on a psychosomatic level. 

CLICK HERE to view a testimonial video from a program alumni.

Duration | 2-4 weeks


Abdominal Therapy (Chi Nei Tsang)

This modality originated with the White Cloud Taoist monks and was used to detoxify, strengthen and refine their bodies. This therapy is applied to the abdomen and torso to help remove stagnation from the organs. Chi Nei Tsang literally means “working the energy of the internal organs”. These sessions will also include breathwork and accupressure techniques.

Notable benefits include:

~Relief from constipation

~Improved breathing capacity

~Release unprocessed emotional charges

~Boost immune system

~General sense of relief and wellbeing

Duration | 1-2 hours

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